Private Training-

Private Training

New this Summer are our private small group trainings 4 players to a coach. Train in a group of 4 every week and see yourself develop as a player and become the player you always wanted to be. These trainings are designed for the players who want to go the extra mile to make them self a better player.

By signing up for these classes and paying for a block of them you receive a discounted rate on a normal 4 player private training fee, so you will get the sessions at $25 instead of $30 per hour when you do 4 or more. We do need 4 players to register to be able to run these trainings. 

We have available times everyday, so please contact me with your group request and we can get you scheduled in.

We also have 1 on 1 trainings available for $80 for 1 person, $100 for two players and $120 for 3-4 players. Sessions with Simon are $20 more than the rates listed.

Private trainings are available anytime of the year by calling Simon at 614-638-2942.