Summer Fit Kids Program

FastTrack2 Fit Kids

Starting this summer is the program everyone has been waiting for. This program is not for a specific sport and will incorporate teaching the kids many different aspects of fitness. We will be teaching the kids how to workout correctly for their age and helping them get the best out of their bodies. The programs will be different depending on the age groups of your children. Sign up is for each month and sessions are $15 per class. For more information about Personal Training Programs at FastTrack2, please click this link.

Our Beginner Class is for ages 7-10 will be learning the basics and realizing there are many different forms of exercise and that it is fun. The beginner class will meet for 2 x50 minute classes a week for a month-Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 10am. Please email  or text 614-638-2942 to sign up.

Our Intermediate Class is for ages 11-14 and these children will be pushing a little harder and using more equipment in the gym. It is still unlikely they will be introduced to weights at this young age as they are still maturing. But will be shown they can still get a great workout and develop strength without damaging their body for years to come. This class will meet 3X 50 minute classes a week for a month on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am. Please email  or text 614-638-2942 to sign up.

Our Advanced Class is for ages 15+. This class is designed for the children who have hit puberty and have matured and are ready to start or to advance their weight program. This will be our most challenging group and will be mostly High School and College athletes. This class will get the athletes ready for their next season whether that is with club, school or college you will be going in the best shape of your life. This is a ongoing class and is in session right now weekdays Monday to Friday at 8am and costs $15 a sessions or $200 for 4 weeks every session. Please contact Simon at 614-638-2942 to start your training now.