Saturday Pick-up Tournaments

Saturday Pick-up Tournaments

NEW this summer is our Saturday pick-up tournaments. This will be played just like our winter pick-up tournaments where players sign up and I will pick them into 3 teams and they will play multiple games for 2 hours with short breaks. These tournaments will be played outside in the summer and may be 5v5, 7v7, 9v9, or 11v11 sizes depending on the number of players playing. NO REFUNDS ON THIS EVENT UNLESS IT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

The cost is only $15 per player for each event.


Tournament #4 July 29th

8:30-10:30am 2005-2003 Boys and Girls

10:45-12:45pm 2008 Boys & 2007 & 2006 Boys and Girls

1:00-3:00pm  2010's & 2009's Boys and Girls and 2008 Girls