Speed & Agility Training


We all know speed in sport is a huge advantage and that athletes require a tremendous amount of balance and agility. This program will develop players to have a quicker first step and be faster on the pitch. Players will be given homework to work on each week to help maximize repetitions and muscle memory.  We will be using parachutes, bungee cords, ladders, treadmills, spinning bikes (to develop leg turnover speed), mini hurdles, plyometric boxes, jump ropes and more that will be aiding in making your athlete faster on the field. There will be two sessions a week and we will spend time in the gym and on the field. The gym session will be primarily used to develop strength, power and balance, the field session will be used primarily to develop agility, fitness and quickness. These sessions are developed for all athletes and are not soccer specific.

This session will be 1 hour each for 8 weeks long on Monday and Wednesday nights from January 8th to February 28th. The cost for the session is $150, Please click the session below to sign up. If you are late to sign up, you will see the discounted price at check out.

Session 2 January 8th to February 28th

2010-2006's 6:00-7:00pm Sign Up 

2007-2005's 7:00-8:00pm Sign Up SOLD OUT

2004-2003's 8:00-9:00pm Sign Up