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 Enter code Late for prorated amount if signing up late, January/February sessions are now available for sign up.

Skills Training 

We will be offering group skill trainings on Tuesday and Thursday nights this November/December and January/February on Tuesday night. These skill trainings are available to all players no matter what soccer club or league you play in. Players will be placed into groups of ability to maximize your learning potential.

Soccer Challenge

Soccer challenge is going to be run in s similar format to our pick up events. Each week players will be picked into 3 different teams and will earn points from their teams results each week. The player with the most points at the end of the season wins the trophy. 

Speed and Agility 

We see it every game how the fast players gain such a advantage in soccer or any other sport, every little bit of speed you have matters. Use this winter to develop a faster first step, and sharper cut and acceleration to get away and have more power on the field. In these speed and agility sessions we work the entire body, we make the legs, core and upper body stronger, your muscles more explosive and your feet quicker. We will be training twice a week and will be having home exercises for the players to complete.

Private Training

This is tailored to those players who want the most instruction and see the biggest improvement in their game. These sessions move at your pace so you master your skills before being pushed onto the next challenge. We will be offering small groups of 4 private trainings this winter so you can still get the detailed instruction you get in a 1:1 but at a more affordable price to be able to train regularly.

Goalie Training

Weekly Goalie training every week with coach Ryan, train in a small group and fine tune your technique in goal. 


New this year to 3 Lions Soccer and FastTrack2 is our YOGA classes. Yoga is great for the body and the mind. Participants can be kids or adults for these classes. Yoga helps athletes as it is great for stretching the muscles and developing balance and control of the body. 

3 Lions Recreation Soccer League

This recreation program will provide more instruction for our young players of the future to help them learn the game the right way from the start. You can register soon for the Spring season, new players welcome ages 2011-2009's. All games played at one location and the same times every week for practice and games. 

Pick Up Soccer

We will be hosting these fun 2 hour soccer events. We often have these pickup tournaments when the kids are off school for the day or during school holidays. Players sign up as individuals and get picked into 3 teams for the competition. We play many games and have some skills competitions to create even more excitement for the players.




For Birthday parties, small group, one on one training, your group of friends/team private camp or training sessions and for private field rental  please contact Simon Davis 614-638-2942 for more information.


Lewis Center's newest youth soccer club, we play travel soccer in the Mid Ohio Select Soccer League, Ohio Champions League and Buckeye Premier Soccer Leagues. If you are interested in trying out for this Spring season please email Simon@columbusunited.org. Our main club tryouts will begin May 30th for birth years 2010-2006 and June 5th for 2005-2003 birth years, we have boys and girls teams in each age group. Our website is www.columbusunited.org